• The Vinyl Revolution

    The distribution of music has changed over the past few years from the vinyl record to the cassette tape, then on to CDs and DVDs and later on to MP3 format which finally transitioned into the streaming of music once cloud services become affordable and the internet became faster and cheaper.  While more people are […]

  • Should I Sell or Not Sell?

    How to Check Your Vinyl Collection’s Value… While spring cleaning you’ve come across your collection of vinyl records from the yesteryears and are now wondering whether it is worth selling. Is it possible to make a small fortune or would it be much better to dust off the records and play them every once in […]

  • George Michael Dead at 53

    Former Wham! singer and massively successful soul and pop solo vocalist dies “peacefully at home” George Michael, the soulful British heartthrob who became a star in the Eighties as half of Wham! before earning critical acclaim as a solo artist, died Sunday at his home in Goring in Oxfordshire, England. The cause of death was […]

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